iPad Secure Case – Lock & Stand


Anti-theft case for iPad Lock & Stand allows you to reliably protect the tablet by means of a secure metal cable equipped with a Kensington lock (c/w key), which connects to the iPad case. The anti-theft enclosure is also equipped with a multifunctional circle-shaped stand, which makes the whole solution even more convenient.

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The patented circle-shaped stand on the back of the iPad security case can rotate 360 degrees and be fixed in 8 different positions, allowing you to position the tablet screen in a comfortable viewing angle on any flat surface, both in portrait and landscape screen orientation.

If you need to take your iPad, simply put the circle-shaped stand back to its original position.

The anti-theft iPad case is made of materials that do not interfere with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and 4G/LTE signals. The design of the case allows you to put the tablet on charge without removing the case.

Once the iPad is placed inside the case, it is fixed inside it with a lock on the back side, so that the tablet can’t be pulled out of the case without a key.

Use your iPad Kiosk as efficiently as possible

Since Apple launched the iPad, tablets have become one of the best-selling mobile devices in history. At first, Tablets were used only for Internet surfing, reading books and games, but over time, development of new applications, made Tablet PCs an integral part of the interior of offices, classrooms, health facilities, shops and boutiques. The need for stands, mounts and secure enclosure that can reliably protect tablets from vandalism and theft is increasing every day.

With more than 7 years of experience in installation and operation of interactive systems based on iPads and Android Tablets, iDisplay team can offer the best solution for any Tablet application case.

This anti-theft case for iPad is an ideal solution for tablets placed in classrooms, computer classes, libraries, shops, boutiques, hotel lobbies, exhibitions, cafes and restaurants, etc. Its simple and reliable design allows you to fully use all the features of the Tablet, while eliminating the possibility of theft and protecting the tablet from most type of damage.


Safety and reliability: the iPad Security Case is made of durable ABS plastic. In addition, the tablet case has a Kensington lock connector to protect the tablet from theft.

Portrait and Landscape orientation

Lock with a key and a metal cable prevents the iPad from being pulled out of the case. Kensington lock is provided on the back of the case, which closes with a key. The anti-theft iPad case is supplied with a metal cable, which is long enough for User to comfortably use the iPad, but preventing it from being stolen.

Wi-Fi & 3G/4G friendly – unlike metal cases, the ABS plastic case for iPad easily passes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and 4G signals. This allows rapid data exchange and Internet access without additional costs for signal amplifiers and additional access points.

Printing corporate logos and brands on the Tablet Case

If necessary, your company Logos and Brand names can be applied to the tablet cover.












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