Universal Anti-theft Tablet Lock


Universal lock for iPads and Android tablets is the simplest and most affordable solution of its kind, but it provides a level of tablet protection comparable to most other products presented on our website.  It is suitable for all tablets and smartphones.

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Maximum efficiency at the lowest price

Universal Anti-theft lock for tablets and iPads is the optimal solution for customer service departments, stores, exhibition centers, etc.

The Anti-theft lock kit includes a plate with 3M adhesive tape applied on one side and Kensignton lock slot on the other side. By means of the Kensignton lock a metal cable is attached to the Tablet.

The plate is easily and securely glued to the back of the tablet. It is impossible to tear off this plate with your hands without attracting attention or damaging the tablet.

The Kensington lock is inserted into its slot on a plate which is already attached to the tablet, and is locked in the closed position with a key. After that, the metal cord, at one end of which there is a Kensington lock, can be fixed using a special loop that ends the cord on the other side. This loop can be put on the bottom of a chair or table leg, fixed to a pipe, or simply screwed to any flat surface.

For all its simplicity and reliability, the use of Universal secure lock will not affect the looks of the tablet or leave any scratches after the mounting plate is removed from its back side. You can remove the mounting plate from the tablet by heating it with a regular household hair dryer. After that, the plate is easy to peel off without leaving any traces.


Security and convenience

the Universal lock for iPad does not restrict the user’s ability to use the tablet. You can take it in your hands, change the screen position and viewing angle of the screen. You can freely use the camera or increase the volume. At the same time, there’s no way one can take the tablet away.

Lock with a key and a metal cable

to prevent the tablet from being carried away, a Kensington lock is provided c/w with a set of keys. The package also includes a metal cable that locks the iPad in place so that you can pick it up and use it at your convenience.












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