Tablet & iPad Floor Stand Kiosk- Floor Stand for iPad

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tablet kiosk floor stand

is perfectly designed for modern interiors. Floor standing tablet holder can be installed anywhere without drilling holes. iPad kiosk floor stand features:

  • Black and White color options
  • Modular design
  • Cable is hidden inside the

    iPad floor mount

  • Easily disassembled

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iDisplay Floor Stand Tablet Kiosk is a nice looking and reliable Kiosk solution for iPads and Tablets. Enclosure is made of materials that create absolutely no interference for 3G, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. iPad or Tablet can be plugged in and charging when mounted inside the Floor Stand, while power cable is safely hidden inside the enclosure and the pole.

Tablet & iPad Floor Stand Kiosk - FloorStand-2

Stand up to your customers

Tablet Floor Stand is a cost effective and reliable solution allowing communicating with your customers and providing them with required information on site. iPad Floor Stands have already become an inherent part of interior for offices, classrooms, shops, restaurants, hospitals, cinemas etc. Made of high-strength materials iDisplay Floor Stand combines stylish looking design and safety for Tablet from any kind of possible abuse.

Opening inside Floor stand pillar allows to hide the power cable inside and grants that Tablet inside enclosure will always be fully charged.

Nowadays iPads and other Tablet PCs are one of the most popular electronic portable devices all over the world. Initially used only for web-surfing, reading and gaming, gradually together with development of various applications, iPads and Tablet PCs became an inherent part of interior for offices, classrooms, shops, restaurants, hospitals, cinemas etc.

Demand for reliable secure and lockable mounts, holders and floor stands, able to protect Tablets from vandalism and theft is growing every day.

Due to our vast experience in wide range of iPad and Tablet PCs applications iDisplay team can offer a perfect fit solution for any requirement and meet the highest demands of our customers.

Simple and robust design of our Floor Stands allows to use 100% of iPad or Android Tablet PC functionalities and protects it from any kind of damage or abuse.

Tablet & iPad Floor Stand Kiosk - FloorStand-2

Security Enclosure Case

iDisplay Anti-theft series security enclosures are compatible with different tablets. The enclosure consists of 2 parts:

  • – Enclosure case
  • – Inside fitting

The inside fitting system consists of fit kit and face insert cover:

  • 1. Fit Kit: 4 pcs. are meant to hold the tablet fixed inside the enclosure case.
  • 2. Face Insert Cover: 1 pc. insert covers the tablet, exposing or covering home button and front camera depending on application requirements.

Cable inside

iDisplay Floor Stand mounting poles are designed to have the charging cable hidden inside. Then it goes through the enclosure and connects to power supply socket of the Tablet. The cable is safe inside and the whole kiosk looks smooth and professional.



The enclosure case is meant to secure and protect the tablet in use. It consists of front cover, back cover, and locking mechanism. There are 3 sizes of enclosure cases in order to suit all the screen sizes of Tablets and iPads in the market:


Just select your Tablet or iPad model from the list when you order.

Installation Options

We offer 2 installation options for Tablet Floor Stand:

Fixed Screw Mounting Base

This mounting base allow the Kiosk to be fixed to the floor by screws.

Free Standing Base

The freestanding base allows the Tablet Floor Stand to be freely relocated if necessary and guarantees stable position of the Kiosk.

Installation Options

Our Tablet & iPad Kiosk Floor Stands easily adapts to your environment

Wide range of Tablets applications demands extra flexibility from Tablet PC Kiosks and Enclosures. Without any additional costs, iDisplay Floor Stand can be easily fixed to the floor with 4 mounting screws.

Anti-theft enclosure can be fixed either in Album or Portrait orientation.

Depending on particular application, iPad enclosure face plate can be supplied with Camera and Home Button openings to allow using Tablet PC capabilities to the full extent. Enclosure Face plate without Home button opening is a good solution in case only single application is to run on a Tablet.

Placed inside Kiosk Enclosure and thus protected from theft and vandalism, Tablet becomes a perfect platform for Digital signage of all kinds: interactive catalogues, restaurant menus, traveler’s guides, pricelists and other sources of useful information.












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