Customers can quickly activate the beer tabs on their table thanks to the special Bouncepads iPad Kiosk Stands that include a magnetic card reader.

This means Guests can sit back, relax, and immerse into the wonderful environment. Plus, food, cocktails, and other beverages may be purchased and delivered right to the table with a couple of clicks. Every part of the client experience can be meticulously controlled, since even the jukebox music can be selected using the iPads.

This new point of sale concept provides a fresh and enjoyable method for guests to connect digitally with pub amenities while decreasing their wait time at the bar.

Ordering food and drinks have never been so simple. Guests browse the menu, choose what exactly they want and add items to their order. Tasty photos on a high-resolution and colorful iPad screen act as a perfect digestive. Once Guests have made up their mind, the order is sent to the kitchen with a single touch. Now, they can focus on what’s really important – having good time with their friends. Meanwhile their order is being cooked.

Repeat orders got simpler as well. No need to wait for the moment when Waiter is passing by or to call him. A few clicks on the screen, and “refill” is on its way.

When Guests are ready to leave, they can even pay their bill using special card reader installed as a part of the iPad kiosk and connected to the Tablet.

iPads are locked inside special secure enclosures mounted on flexible gooseneck stand, allowing all guests at the tablet to use it. Apple Tablets are powered by means of cables laid inside the stand, which keep iPads charged and always ready to receive orders and entertain guests.

iPad desk stand is equipped with special lock, which guarantee that only authorized personnel can have access to the device. On the other hand, Guests can use all available functions of iPad including speakers and camera.

This Flexible Goose Neck Stand is meant to be mounted on low height horizontal surfaces such as desks, counters, coffee tables etc. Flexible mount allows to adjust iPad screen at the best viewing angle, depending on Guests height and sitting position.

As the market for interactive consumer contact points expands, we anticipate that exciting innovations like these will become more common in pubs and restaurants.

Watch the video below to see The Thirsty Bear’s Bouncepad Flex iPad kiosk in action.

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